Alfred X. Trautwein

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Building 61, Room 225

Telefon: (+49-451) 500-4204
Telefax: (+49-451) 500-4214



1980 - 2007 Director of the Institute of Physics; 1989 - 1992 Dean of the Faculty of Science; 1996 - 2002 Vice-Rector of the University of Lübeck; 2002 - 2005 Rector of the University of Lübeck


1946-1961 School Education (Baccalaureat) Kepler-Gymnasium, Ulm; 1961-1967 Diploma in Physics, Technical University, München; 1967-1969 PhD in Physics, Technical University, München; 1969-1973 Assistant Professor in Physics, University, Saarbrücken; 1973 Habilitation in "Physics" and "Quantum Chemistry", University, Saarbrücken; 1973-1980 Professor in Physics, University, Saarbrücken; 1980-March 2006 Director of the Institute of Physics, University, Lübeck; since April 2006 Emeritus


Vice-President, President and Past-President of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (1998-2004); Secretary of the German Biophysical Society (1995-2002); Member of the German Physical Society (since 1970); Member of the German Chemical Society (since 1994); Member of the Steering Committee of the Network "Transition Metals in Biology" of the European Science Foundation (1989-1997); Member of the Editiorial Board of several Journals; Member of the International Board on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (1995 - 2005); Member of Several Networks of the European Community; Coordinator of the Priority Programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG) on "Bioinorganic Chemistry: Transition Metals in Biology and their Coordination Chemistry" (1990-1996); Member of the Rotary Club Lübeck (President 2008/2009)


1. investigation of the structure-function relation of metal-enzymes and of biomimetic model compounds; 2. investigation of iron-containing deep-sea sediments; 3. application of various spectroscopies, i.e. Mössbauer spectroscopy, nuclear forward scattering and nuclear inelastic scattering using Synchrotron radiation, X-ray absorption using Synchrotron radiation, EPR spectroscopy, SQUID magnetometry, molecular-orbital Computer "spectroscopy"


organizer of numerous national and international workshops and seminars and of two international conferences, i.e. 1. International Conference on Bio-Inorganic Chemistry 1995 (together with K. Wieghardt ) in Lübeck, ca. 800 participants; 2. International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect 1999 (together with F. Parak) in Garmisch, ca. 450 participants


ca. 500, co-authored and published in refereed journals; 2 books: "Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Transition Metal Chemistry", 1978 together with Ph. Gütlich and R. Link; 2011 new edition together with Ph. Gütlich and E. Bill. "Physik für Mediziner", 1977 together with U. Kreibig and E. Oberhausen; 2008 7th edition together with U.Kreibig and J. Hüttermann.


1993 Max-Planck Research Prize of the German Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation (together with Professor Raymond Weiss, Strasbourg, France). 1999 Gay-Lussac Research Prize of the French Ministery of Education Research and Technology. 2009 Verdienstkreuz am Bande des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublick Deutschland

marital status

married with Dr. Hiltrud Trautwein (gynecologist), two children